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I am Karen Adams and my work and passion is to introduce The Ascended Masters and Beings of Light to YOU and the world.

Up until NOW we have not had the privilege of knowing them nor of their existence!  They were shrouded in Mystery and kept secret, this was not their intention.

They work hand in hand with the Angelic Realm, the Hierarchy includes ALL beings who offer their mastery and love to you and me! They chose to work with the humans behind the scenes (literally) tasking us, guiding us, cheering us on during the tough times. Often putting their own evolution on hold while they help.

They are not familiar due to “Free Will” this is how the earth operates and they must practice non-interference. The veil is thinning and many are waking to the fact there is a hierarchy and walking the path of our mastery is a difficult one. Without guidance from above we cannot do this alone.

My life’s work includes introducing them to you, to have a cheerleader, a guide, someone who knows exactly what you came here to do and how you are going to do it!  You do not have to do this alone!  When life throws a curve ball – a Master can help you make sense of it, from a higher, light filled perspective that is ancient and sacred.

There is an entire team of thousands of Masters and Beings of Light who are anxious to help, this is what they do! They have put their own personal agendas and needs on hold to help those on earth to receive more light.

To offer an introduction, I work with each Master personally and write a meditation that will offer an introduction, experiential insight and activations. These are free of charge you simply find a quiet space and dial in. Your presence is required to add to the group’s dynamic during these live meditations.

Many of us have guides and teachers on earth which is beautiful and wonderful. Imagine having a guide and teacher that is a Master who has done this ALL and no longer requires the experience of the earth walk!

Consider joining us to discover your new guide and teach to help YOU walk your path to Mastery.  Will you answer the call of your Soul to be part of this Guided Meditative Journey?


Karen Adams, Channel & Scribe for the Masters.

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